At Schuckman Realty, we understand that your next real estate move should never be underestimated or under-researched. We are unduly committed to providing our clients, landlords, retailers, and investors with accurate and comprehensive real-time data to support their decision-making. Using the latest technology and modes of thought, including sophisticated software and trade area theories based on sound investment principles, we consider fluctuating property values of surrounding areas, shifting demographics, cultural fit of a tenant to a certain neighborhood, and a number of other key variables.

Schuckman helps you make informed marketing and investment decisions based on empirical data coupled with the reality of today’s markets. We are distinguished in the industry today based on the methods and resources we use to evaluate markets, paired with our team’s end-to-end real estate experience.

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Schuckman Realty is a proud member of the X Team Retail Advisors Group. X Team Retail Advisors is an alliance of retail real estate advisory offices integrated into one dynamic and cohesive unit.

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