About Us

Schuckman Realty is a full service commercial real estate services firm serving New York City, Long Island, and the surrounding tri-state area and New Jersey. The company was formed nearly four decades ago by its founder, Stanley Schuckman, who remains an active leader on the team today.

Through the years, Schuckman has developed a reputation as a leading retail broker and developer in the New York Metro area, with special expertise in developments, redevelopments, and renovations in all Five Boroughs of New York City and Long Island. As a strategic planner of retail stores and shopping centers, in addition to boutique projects, Schuckman has been responsible for tens of millions of square feet of leasing and development and has been hired by numerous national retail chains to facilitate macro–market penetration. Our collaborative portfolio extends not only to metropolitan New York, but also nationally, to Atlanta, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Washington D.C., and Southeast Florida.

In commercial real estate, every market, location, and deal has strengths and weaknesses. Viewing each deal as unique and analyzing its variables on behalf of our tenants, landlords, and investors using the latest software and most sophisticated techniques allows us to formulate the most efficient and profitable market strategy.

Our creative, yet quantitative approach has been the key to Schuckman Realty’s success among nationwide industry leaders. We attribute our success to our intimate team’s proficiency in market analysis and site planning, in addition to tireless dedication and extensive experience from both sides of the table.

Since 2013, the firm has been led by its new President, Kenneth Schuckman.  Kenneth has taken the reigns leading the firm into its 4th decade with the continued commitment to remain at the forefront of the retail real estate industry, focused on delivering exclusive opportunities that create value, both for today and tomorrow.